Rules For Vip Requests

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Rules For Vip Requests Empty Rules For Vip Requests

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:28 pm

Rules For Getting a Vip Membership

Rule No.1
________ No double Requests .. Request for a Subscription only for one time _____ Double Requests will be banned

Rule No.2
_________ You Must have atleast 50 Posts in the forum______no Thanks Posts will be counted_____if you dont have posts you can donate for site maintenance to get a Vip account , contact : for donation details....

Rule No.3
__________ All kind of Vip Softwares for you relating any programs e.g : Yahoo , ICQ , Facebook is not available for any other user else Vip whether he or she is related to the site or not _______|n this way any software share will cause Banned forever !

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